Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30-13-10 on 69% shooting

AOL Sports:

As Chris Paul made a shot from an awkward angle while getting fouled, just one of many acrobatic plays en route to an NBA-leading sixth triple-double, his momentum carried him over to the Washington Wizards sideline.

Paul reached over and playfully patted Wizards interim coach Ed Tapscott on the shoulder.

“I think he was saying to me, ‘Keep trying, Coach. You might find something that’ll stop me,”’ a smiling Tapscott would say later. “I’m looking in my pocket, thinking to myself, ‘It’s just about empty right now, Chris.”’

Taking over the game when he wanted to—no matter what defensive schemes he faced—Paul compiled 30 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds Wednesday night, steering the New Orleans Hornets to a 109-98 victory over Washington.

Hornets coach Byron Scott “usually looks at me, and says, ‘Be more aggressive,’ and that’s what I try to do,” Paul said.