Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Palin admits she forgot to vote

She [Palin] talked and laughed with her supporters alongside her husband Todd. She took a moment to speak to reporters and was caught off guard when some asked her about who she voted for.

The governor said, "I don't have to vote. Nobody does. That's really cool about America."

Palin top aide Kris Perry has brushed off criticism and commended the move as "The single best thing anyone has ever done, ever."

Mike Nizich, chief of staff for the Governor, said the abstention showed "courage and leadership and a faith and confidence in the straight talk express."

Palin, dismissing charges of ineptitude and absent-mindedness, explained, "I didn't need to vote, god is my vote, like it says in the bible." She had no comment when pressed on where in the bible it says that.

- Times Online