Sunday, June 1, 2008

One of my friends: "Who the f*** is Donnie Walsh"

An oddly profound question as mildly intensive research would reveal

Drafting record:
Reggie Miller at No. 11 in 1987
Rik Smits, a no-brainer at No. 2 in 1988
The Brother's Davis, starting with Antonio, a second round steal in 1990 (although with 3 years in Europe it's hard to say Walsh knew anything)
and Dale at No. 13 in 1991
yeah, yeah but lets get to the gritty-gritty

1989 George McCloud at 7
1992 Malik Sealy at 14 (the guy from new york undercover?)
1993 Scott Haskin at 14
1994 Eric Piatkowski at 15
1996 Erick Dampier at 10
1997 Austin Croshere at 12
1998 Al Harrington at 25, played with the pacers on two seperate occasions accomplishing nothing, now occasionally starts for the Golden State Warriors
1999 Jonathan Bender at 5
2000 Primoz Brezec at 27
2001 Jamaal Tinsley at 27
2002 Fred Jones at 14

And the most hilarious thing, what he hangs his hat on, trading Dale Davis for Jermaine O' Neal. The Pacers would later reacquire Dale Davis as answer to O' Neal's allergy to high% scoring, offensive rebounding, and setting picks.