Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Predictions from here on out

Finals: Lakers vs Celtics
Why? Because the Spurs and Pistons go through these 8-10 minute periods of time where they score 0-2 points.

Bruce Bowen is a great bump, grab, stay in front of, make you uncomfortable defender, but he's not Battier or Tayshaun, he actually blows at keeping his hand in a shooter's face. The Lakers-Spurs series will be short and sweet. No I am not bitter that the Spurs beat us, I'd prefer them over the Lakers any day.

Detroit perpetual underdog? or weighed down by too many chips on the shoulder? Boston comes in as the better defensive team. The Pistons could use their toughness to take away Ray Allen's range, Pierce's drives, and Garnett's post game, forcing them all into a crowded middle area of the floor where they have to live and die by their jumpshot, essential turning them into.... the Detroit Pistons (on offense). With a better defense and the two or three times a game the Boston 3 get their way, Cetlics take this one 4-1 or 4-2.