Monday, February 19, 2007

Crime Watch: Chris Paul's Rookie-Sophomore Award Stolen


Chris Paul notched rookie-game records of 17 assists and nine steals to go with 16 points. [David Lee Had] 30 points as the Sophomore beat the Rookies for the fifth consecutive year, 155-114. Lee, who added 11 rebounds and four assists, took home MVP.

Dear Haters,
David Lee was perfect from the field because cp to the three had 17 assists.

ps. I promise never to use the word hater(s) again.

Anyway here were the rosters for the NBA's most pointless game*

Andrea Bargnani
Jordan Farmar
Randy Foye
Jorge Garbajosa
Rudy Gay
Paul Millsap
Adam Morrison
Brandon Roy
Marcus Williams

Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bynum
Monta Ellis
Raymond Felton
Danny Granger
Luther Head
David Lee
Chris Paul
Deron Williams

*(excluding those played in the east, up to and sometimes including the conference finals)